1. Grumble Fight with daughter.
    👿 but cleared up by noon.
  2. @kate81 got my cookies!
    She's a great teacher and a great person. 💞
  3. Listened to The Sporkful podcast on the way to OU.
    Eating while showering, who knew?
  4. Big hug from Max!
    Best thing about today.
  5. Ate delicious sushi
    From the inexpensive but fairly good sushi place at Max's college.
  6. Watched football
    Meh. Too crowded, too hot, too football-y. Pretty backdrop though.
  7. Marching band was good
    But had some questionably crude dance moves.
  8. Matched my nails to school colors.
    I'm a dork.
  9. Was too hot and my sweater dress, while thin and light enough, shed navy lint into my sweaty elbow creases.
  10. Met Max's roommate's parents.
    They skipped the football game and watched Meet The Fockersp in the dark dorm room and his dad took a nap. I like these people.
  11. Max's roommate's parents said I had the secret to the fountain of youth.
    The secret is get knocked up in high school so you are ~10 years younger than other college parents. But I REALLY like these people.
  12. Caught Pokémon!
    A lot! Also walked 10km.
  13. Played pool.
    Not very well.
  14. Told Max the story of how great I am at darts when I'm drunk.
    He didn't believe me.
  15. He texted his dad.
    Dad's response-She will shock you, she's so good.
  16. Dropped Apple pie on my dress and the seatbelt.
    In the first ten minutes of the drive home.
  17. Made these delicious mollettes.
  18. Sleep!