1. I had a lovely dinner with my sister and my cousin.
    This is my baby sister looking gorgeous as usual.
  2. My cousin just started online dating.
    She regaled us with hilarious stories all night of the 600 matches she has gotten in the past two weeks.
  3. She also let us read one particularly ridiculous message.
    It was a saga that included a high powered job in San Francisco, a cross country rv trip, a poem(no lie) about the steps she is sitting on in one profile pic(vaguely pornographic), and his declaration that he "shuttered" at the thought of meeting her. Also he ended this twelve paragraph first message with a quote from Albert Einstein!
  4. We closed down the restaurant talking and stayed outside talking until it started to rain.
  5. And stopped.
  6. And started again.
  7. Then I drove home and on my way home my daughter called me.
  8. She chatted for a good ten minutes before getting to the point.
  9. She was home and safe, but had been mugged at gunpoint on the way home from work.
  10. She just moved out to her own place last month.
  11. She lives near OSU's campus.
  12. And she is fine but I'm getting her in the morning. We have ID's and bank cards and phones to replace. (She face-timed me from her laptop.)
  13. She lost the bag I brought her from Ireland. And she was held at gunpoint. And says she is fine.
  14. And I've never seen a gun. Sure, On a cop's waist/never unholstered.
  15. On TV
  16. In a sporting goods store.
  17. He told her to give him everything. She'd taken off her sweatshirt and one of her shoes before he told her to run. She ran down the street lopsided holding one shoe.
  18. She had to sit in the back of the cop car when she reported it, in the hard plastic seats, with the doors she can't open.
  19. And the cop seems skeptical and doesn't give her a copy of the report and laughs at her when she gives him a contact email but the guy stole her phone.
  20. And it could have been worse. The ways it could have been worse weigh on me. Worse for her from the bad guy. Worse for her from the police officer. Police officers are so nice to middle class 40 year old white women.
  21. But she is safe. Tomorrow, well, later today, there will be paperwork and phone calls and waiting.
  22. Tonight she is safe.