Inspired by @BWN_7 influenced by the persistence of @andersun
  1. Honorable mention: Miami 2017
  2. 10. Allentown
    Just as much about the love of a place as New York State of Mind, but much more realistic and less schmaltzy.
  3. 9. Captain Jack
    Much more poignant and relevant to disaffected youth than Only the Good Die Young. Will agree that it is not as fun to sing as OTGDY.
  4. 8. Goodnight Saigon
    He is so great at capturing a specific moment in time.
  5. 7. Leningrad
    This song makes me cry every time.
  6. 6. The Entertainer
    I love Baby Grand but I think this one speaks more to his love of music warring with the business of fame. Also Piano Man doesn't even hit the top ten.
  7. 5/4. A Matter of Trust/An Innocent Man
    Tied for best love song.
  8. 3. You're Only Human (Second Wind)
    This and The Stranger are fantastic love songs to the self.
  9. 2. The Stranger
    The music shifts in this👌🏼 Also I honestly feel Billy Joel is one of the best examples of an artist with top notch lyrical skill paired with real musical talent. So many artists have one or the other. This song is a great example of this I think in a song that's still sing-a-long-able.
  10. 1. Downeaster Alexa
    His songs about the death of industry, the hopelessness of a generation, a specific culture are his best. Folk Tradition in a pop song.