Inspired by @Heartsounds Maybe not the most impressive of years, but I did get to hear at least a hundred less-than-stellar, high school renditions of Ms. Houston's interpretation by people who maybe should've stayed in Ms. Parton's range. (No shade to the fabulous Dolly 😍)
  1. Informer-Snow
  2. Rump Shaker-Wreckx n Effect
  3. Dreamlover-Mariah Carey
  4. If I Ever Fall in Love-Shai
  5. Weak-SWV
  6. Freak Me-Silk
  7. That's the Way Love Goes-Janet Jackson
  8. Can't Help Falling in Love-UB40
  9. Whoomp(There it is!)-Tag Team
  10. I Will Always Love You-Whitney Houston