Inspired by @k8zinker
  1. Lane
    Coolest, most talented, best friend, feminist who is unafraid to choose a mix of traditional and untraditional things for herself, played by a 30 year old woman but doesn't feel wrong, badass drummer, knows what she loves and goes for it.
  2. Paris
    Passionate, uncompromising, driven, scheming, but still vulnerable and a real friend when it comes down to it. Supremely confident in her abilities but very insecure about her relationships. Also, hands down the best burns in the universe. Mean hurricane Paris is 💯🔥🔥🔥
  3. Ms. Patty
    She's had a wild life and she is the perfect counterpoint to Emily. She inappropriate and gossipy and familiar and full of sexual innuendo and stories about her many lovers and her crazy career. She took everything she wanted out of life and wasn't a slave to expectations or convention.
  4. Emily
    Proper, cultured, wealthy, mean, and my heart breaks for her all the time. It looks like she has everything and has always done the thing she was supposed to do and it's created these rifts in her life that crack through her facade. I love how she can switch gears from having a true moment to saying something so out of touch and wrong in the same scene. They strike the perfect balance for her.
  5. And they're all "girls" because, let's face it, this show is about women and how complicated and different and worthy they all are, and the characterization of any of the men doesn't even come close and I don't think it's supposed to.