Inspired by @justjills
  1. Head explodes when I'm in the middle of an angry rant about Capitalism, Campaign Finance Reform, or Healthcare.
  2. Rabid possum bites me when I'm chilling on the deck in the moonlight trying to forget about how our country is going to hell in a handbasket.
  3. "Accidentally" drink water from a vase full of lily of the valley after angrily turning off the news when the orange monster is blabbing.
  4. Choke on a peep. Nothing specific to do with politics, but I might welcome the escape.
  5. Face plant into the ground at the wrong angle.
    I have LOTS of practice falling, so this one is unlikely.
  6. Taken out by one of my likely many(but uncounted at this time) pre-existing conditions.
  7. Just leaving this here.