Inspired by @Nicholas
  1. Ask random strangers on the bus to each pick their favorite photo.
  2. Ask your two year old nephew to guess a number between 1 and 3,124(or however many pics you have) five times, then post picture #2 five times.
  3. Print off all of your photos at Walgreens then draw 5 at random out of an Urban Sombrero.
  4. Blind scroll and jab.
  5. Carefully choose your most adventurous, flattering and amusing photos and put them in a folder labeled RANDOM PHOTOS.
  6. Name your baby girl Random and post pictures of her chubby smiles.
  7. Drink all the wine in your house then deliberately choose the classiest photos you have.
  8. Post pictures of your dictionary and the layers of dust accumulated since the invention of the Internet.
  9. Build an atmospheric noise random number generator with your three best friends. Take lots of pictures of the science-y fun you are having.