1. Today I set out into the deepest jungles of Ohio to track down the elusive Australian Vegemite.
  2. I had been warned by @andersun that it was nigh unto impossible to find in his neck of the woods,
  3. But I knew I would have more luck as the entrance to the jungle loomed before me.
  4. All manner of strange animals greeted me as I grabbed my gear and headed straight into the dark.
  5. A movie theater, to set the tone.
    And prepare you for the journey ahead.
  6. Business in the front
  7. Party's in the back!
  8. The spice is life
  9. Big Moong
  10. Fancy flavored Kit Kats
  11. I'm a child
  12. Abalone in a can is pricey
  13. I'm not sure why there aren't tags on these cans.
    Not a mistake. Also Lungfung?!?!?!
  14. Do you need a piñata?
  15. Or a wreath of dried chilies?
  16. Mmm El Salvador flavor
  17. I'm imagining a Coke/Pepsi type debate here
  18. Regular macaroni but look how beautiful the box is!
  19. Not sure what to use these for, but if it has flowers in it, I'm probably buying it.
    I have a brand.
  20. Yeah, I do.
  21. Bulk fancy lentils.
  22. Chocolate fortune cookies!
  23. Am I even in a grocery store?
  24. Nope, it's a bar
  25. Yep, a bar
    Just imagine navigating your full grocery cart in your local night hangout spot, avoiding listing drinkers and any spills, to the liquor store inside the bar inside the store.
  26. Buy some fancy liquor
    And a few bottles of rosé.
  27. In case you came to the jungle but forgot you didn't have any pans.
  28. Or in case you brought $550 extra dollars to get this lovely banana colored KitchenAid.
  29. Where they used to store the BIG CHEESE™ before they sold it all.
  30. Fancy crackers
  31. It's candy heaven!!!!!
  32. ????
  33. !!!!!!!
  34. Old fashioned rock candy
  35. This gummy bear is too big!
  36. These gummy bears are BIG, but too small.
  37. Ahhhh just right!
  38. Year round Peepstravaganza!!!!
  39. Dog socks
  40. Who's a good boy?
  41. Finally! After a long and arduous trek through the jungle I have arrived at the holy grail!!!
  42. 😬😬😬😬😬
    I'd like to let you guys think I'd pay $20 for this, my 300th list and for all of you, but 1. I've had vegemite before and it's just ok. And 2. I have to save my budget for priorities.
  43. I did throw the Australians a bone with this delicious sale licorice.
  44. But you all know what I really like!