Inspired by @mallofamanda
  1. My oldest can be a little harsh, but he is never not practical.
    He reminded his more vehement friends that if they were planning on doing away with Trump, they should probably have a plan for the Pence situation first.
  2. My daughter wants to make sure that everyone has a safe place.
    She made sure everyone knew that her house is a safe place, away from bigotry and racism, and offered to lend her mutant, many-toed, kittens for love and cuddles.
  3. My youngest is great at rolling with the punches. Accept what is, move on, do better.
    Last night he was sad and couldn't believe it, but today he has geology class and a Stand Up to Cancer meeting and is stenciling the storm drains at college to remind people they drain to the river and not to throw stuff in them. And when I asked him how he was he said-"That's life, mom, it's sad, but I'm alive and have important things to do today!"
  4. It's always amazing to me how differently they react to situations and what their outlook will be, but whenever I look at the three of them together, I get a good, broad picture of how I feel too, so I will leave you with this advice...
  5. Be practical
    There will always be things you don't like but you have to live with. There are extreme solutions, but will they really solve anything? Think five steps ahead, what do you really want and how do you plan to get there? Your emotion has raw power, but your reason has direction and focus.
  6. Be loving and kind
    It's hard to thrive when your heart is hard. Despite everything, I believe people are more alike than they are different. Some people need to be shown how to respect others and to be kind and some might never let go of their fear enough to learn, but your life will never be wasted in trying.
  7. You are alive and have important things to do today!
    Figure out what you believe in and do something about it today! Don't wait until the next emergency or the next deadline or the next election. All is not lost. Humanity has not plunged over a cliff. We slide back and we move forward, our right arm slips and our left foot digs in harder. How you live your day is how you live your life.