1. My older son is a musician.
  2. He eats, sleeps and breathes music.
  3. He has an excellent ear and can play anything.
  4. If you ask him what he does he says musician
    He doesn't equate his day job with either his identity or his worth.
  5. This is not me
  6. I like music
    Yes, like
  7. But I listen to NPR in the car
    Unless it's a long drive or it's non stop political news season (aka 2016)
  8. I take my showers in silence
    No shower playlist
  9. If I'm home alone, I usually turn on the tv for company, not music.
  10. I have favorite artists and songs
    But no one with whom I'm truly obsessed
  11. I can play the flute
    Once well, now not so well
  12. I have songs that bring back fantastic memories and songs that bring back bittersweet heartbreak.
  13. And there are movie scores that will make me sit on the edge of my seat.
    Or weep for something I can't name
  14. But there are dozens of things I would give up music to save.
  15. Music is not my passion, or my life.
  16. So
  17. The thing I love about music
  18. And the reason why it is so important,
  19. And so different than most everything else,
  20. Is that it is truly for everyone
  21. Play it for your baby in the womb, play it on your deathbed
    Play it to your house plants
  22. Study it for 60 years or pick up your very first recorder today
  23. Learn to read music or play with tablature or play by ear
    Or enjoy the playing of others
  24. Listen outdoors or in
    Alone or with others
  25. Listen to music from 300 years ago
    Or 300 seconds ago
  26. Dance around the room, arms flailing
    Sit in a beanbag chair with your eyes closed in your own little world
  27. Wherever you are
    Whoever you are
  28. Music is for you
  29. More than reading
    There is so much to learn but it doesn't require that you learn anything
  30. More than television
    It is both a part of television and so much bigger. It requires no backstory to be enriching, asks nothing of the listener but the time it takes to play
  31. More than visual art
    Music tells its own story
  32. It is the same but different for everyone
  33. It can be eaten in tiny nibbles or full fledged feasts
  34. You can binge on one artist or listen to hundreds, thousands
  35. Music is like water
    And takes the shape of the container it fills.
  36. Music is a gas
    Expanding and squeezing into every crevice.
  37. Music has removed every barrier to entry. Even someone who can't hear can feel the beat, the pulse, the heartbeat of the music.
  38. Music is the very best kind of mother. Tender and gentle, but swift and strong. She knows every story and will tell you the right one for the right time if you will only listen. You may think you've outgrown your relationship and she will surprise you in the ways you will still need her. She can be there in every moment or only there when you call.
    She will bring instant comfort, succor for the world.
  39. I also love songs that compel you to play unrestrained air drums in public, regardless of your audience.