1. That prevents you from changing your mind, even in the face of overwhelming evidence?
  2. That fuels your desire for money and power over compassion for others?
  3. That blocks the logic that should ensure that if you feel you work hard and deserve the rights and privileges you have, then others do too?
  4. That inexplicably denies that you shouldn't continue to honor people who fought to keep ownership of others, especially if the statues honoring them are honoring them FOR THOSE EFFORTS?
  5. That doesn't understand how the story of history is twisted, and every effort should be made to shine a light on the truth and ameliorate the atrocities of the past?
  6. That doesn't inhibit you from repeating those atrocities over and over and over?
  7. That does inhibit you from speaking out against those who foment hate?
  8. That fosters pride in ridiculous symbols of that hate?
  9. That clouds your perception of how LUCKY you are, of your great good fortune?
  10. That prevents you from using your power to stand up for what is right?