Inspired by @dad3
  1. My first concert was a Christian rock concert in middle school. I don't remember who played, but I do remember being in love with a guy named Nate and joking about his talented derrière (not sure of the context, but I'm sure it was very innocent, like me😇)
  2. Stripes or solids? Stripes, but only if floral isn't an option!
  3. I'd have Jennifer Saunders play me in a movie. She probably already has the wardrobe.
  4. My fast food go to? I have very specific things I want at different times.
    McDonald's Diet Coke on a long trip or vanilla cone on a sweltering day. Taco Bell crunchwrap supreme no lettuce for a night drive. Long John Silver's chicken and fish a la carte with lots of malt vinegar for a quick protein pick me up. Holtmans donut for a late night or late morning sugar slump. I'm not really a fry person.
  5. I don't really like chips very much.
  6. I'd want to be a whale and swim deep and far and be solitary, but connected to the rest of the sea.
  7. I rarely if ever go to DQ.
  8. My favorite past time is reading. Nose deep in a book is my best look.
  9. My most serious injury was a broken nose and cheekbone.
    Not a pleasant story, but it's on the wind. And my nose wasn't that symmetrical to begin with.
  10. Choosing my favorite color is like choosing my favorite child. I love them each for what they are and how they interact with others.
  11. I am 100% for Apple computers and 100% against apples in fruit salads.
  12. I like to be up early and up late but I'll sleep the afternoon away.
  13. I recently read Tribe by Sebastian Junger and I'd definitely recommend it. Also I'm re-reading West With the Night by Beryl Markham and if you like Africa, books about flying, or just beautiful prose, you'll love it. It's truly one of my favorites and I forget how gorgeous the writing is until I pick it up again.
  14. My go to song when I'm feeling down is usually Roll Me Away by Bob Seger. I'd never actually run away from my responsibilities but it's always nice to believe I could.
  15. I'm a citrus lover. Lemon or lime flavor is the best. Savory or sweet.
  16. Toilet papering? I do not have any recollection of activities of this nature.
  17. I really would love a pool.
  18. I'm a beach girl through and through. The ocean and I are long lost friends and the water always makes me feel calm but alive.
  19. I think of myself as a pretty empathetic person most of the time. I really try to see where someone is coming from, why they make the decisions they do but when I can't see any logical reason why someone made a decision that I feel is suspect, it drives me up the wall and makes me so frustrated.
    This bothers me most of all when it is someone I feel is intelligent, and has the capability to make good choices. I wish I could just let it go.
  20. I think I've shared most of the good things in my life, at least those I can remember. There is a lot that is not so good, but today might not be the day for that. Luckily, I put down most of the heavy weights I've carried over the years(the metaphorical ones, anyway) and I hope that each of you will be so lucky. 💞💞💞