Inspired by @thecomicswife
  1. List of things my mom needs to ask the doctor about.
  2. Travel magnets
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  3. OU pride
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    Just kidding they just get half of all my piles of money.
  4. This might help
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  5. This is the last year we'll get a calendar from our beloved local pharmacy. 😢 Swallowed by Walgreens 😕
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  6. Expired fabric store coupons
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  7. Old people club for my parents
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  8. Exactly none of these phone numbers still work.
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  9. Doesn't everyone have a fridge gargoyle?
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  10. Voter card for my baby!
  11. A kind email about my great kid.
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  12. This magnet showed up on the fridge one day. Like magic. Out of thin air!
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  13. Jelly