Inspired by @thecomicswife
  1. List of things my mom needs to ask the doctor about.
  2. Travel magnets
  3. OU pride
    Just kidding they just get half of all my piles of money.
  4. This might help
  5. This is the last year we'll get a calendar from our beloved local pharmacy. 😢 Swallowed by Walgreens 😕
  6. Expired fabric store coupons
  7. Old people club for my parents
  8. Exactly none of these phone numbers still work.
  9. Doesn't everyone have a fridge gargoyle?
  10. Voter card for my baby!
  11. A kind email about my great kid.
  12. This magnet showed up on the fridge one day. Like magic. Out of thin air!
  13. Jelly