1. I have two options
  2. 1. My college age kids invited me to a punk drag show.
    "Come with us!" they say. "It'll be a blast!" they say.
  3. It sounds cool but it will probably mean drunk people.
  4. Crying.
  5. Drama!
  6. Men who are hotter women than me.
  7. Buuuutttt.....
  8. 2. Stay home and watch movies with my parents.
  9. We will discuss whether Casey Kasem is still alive.
  10. My mother will insist he is.
  11. She will not trust the googling I do on my phone-it must be done on "the real Internet" downstairs on the desktop computer.
  12. She will PRINT OUT the article and bring it upstairs to read.
  13. Then-movie time!
  14. These movies will be old and obscure.
  15. Not Katharine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart being charmingly drunk.
  16. Not Judy Garland singing like an angel.
  17. It'll be something you've never heard of for a reason.
  18. My mom had us sit through 'The Moonspinners' last night.
  19. The movies will be over and I will be alone by 10pm, 10:20 tops.
  20. Even Casey Kasem will be asleep. 👼🏻
  21. But I will be in pyjamas.