Inspired by @BWN_7
  1. Relationship
    I like being single. I see it as how I'll be for the rest of my life. I'm not opposed to a relationship or marriage, but I'm very content with the idea of living for and by myself.
  2. Family
    My kids will be in and approaching their 30's. Hopefully they will have waited until they are fairly stable to have children, and I will just now have a grandkid or two. I don't think my oldest will ever have kids, but my youngest might make up for it. I've already warned them no grandchildren before I'm 50 or I'm making them call me aunt Jennifer and their gifts will be 22% cheaper. I hope that all three kids are happy and have put their talents to good use.
  3. Family Part 3
    I hope that my parents are still healthy. My mom will be close to eighty, but her grandma lived healthily on her own until 96, so I think if she is careful she will still be doing ok. I worry about my dad's neuropathy, he may be in a wheelchair by now, but his overall health is excellent so hopefully he'll still be sharp and buying the iPhone 37.
  4. Health
    Aging and/or menopause will alleviate my migraines(fingers crossed) and my sisters will be angry that my hair still isn't gray, but I'll most likely still be fat.
  5. Career
    I have no clue about this one other than I'll be doing something instead of the current nothing. I'm not as concerned with money as I am with making sure that I'm interested and doing some good in the world.
  6. Hobbies
    I'm proficient at flute playing again and have brushed up on my French. I don't waste as much time watching TV(ok maybe this is unrealistic.) 😬
  7. Travel
    I'd love to make it to Egypt and to South America. I would not be opposed to a job that has me traveling frequently, but I think I want to live close to my children and parents, wherever that may be. Maybe we will all make the move to Lake Michigan.
  8. Cars
    Hopefully someone will get busy and we'll FINALLY HAVE FLYING CARS!!!!