1. Or...Why Every Billy Joel list is the best list
  2. Or...There is a Billy for Everyone
  3. Classical Billy
    Billy doesn't have to sing to entertain you.
  4. Let me tell you a story about a time and a place Billy.
    Downeaster Alexa, NYSOM, Leningrad, Allentown, Say Goodbye to Hollywood Miami 2017. Billy will make you cry and feel all the feels just like you were there. This is my favorite Billy.
  5. Nostalgia Billy
    Keeping the Faith, River of Dreams, Scenes from an Italian Restaurant. Billy remembers the old days, but these days are pretty good too.
  6. Love Song Billy
    She's Got A Way, For The Longest Time, An Innocent Man, A Matter of Trust. Ain't nobody love you like Billy love you baby!
  7. Broody Teen Billy
    Captain Jack, OTGDY, Keeping the Faith. Billy knows growing up is rough, he gets you.
  8. Realistic Billy
    The Stranger, You're Only Human, Vienna, We didn't start the fire. Billy tells it like it is, but he loves you just the way you are.
  9. Crazy Billy
    Big Shot, You May Be Right, Only The Good Die Young. Billy is a hard living, impetuous devil may care lover, but you love him anyway.
  10. Famous Billy
    Piano Man, The Entertainer, Baby Grand. Billy's famous but he's a real person too, just like you.
  11. Uptown Girl Billy
    This isn't on the top of anyone's list, but you'll turn it up and sing it in the car, won't you?
  12. Hasn't released new shitty music to make you listen to at his concerts while you wait for the classics. He knows what we want!
    Suggested by @victoriaedel