Inspired by @BWN_7 not love mind you, but like.
  1. He has an interesting job
    Every time he tries to tell them something cool about geology or dinosaurs they all groan, but everyone wants to hear Rachel's boring fashion stories? No.
  2. He was so kind to Carol.
    The jokes were stupid, but the truth is, even though he was the one who was betrayed, he was nothing but good to Carol and pretty decent to Susan too. He WALKED CAROL DOWN THE AISLE TO MARRY THE PERSON SHE LEFT HIM FOR.
  3. He was a good dad
    The show really wasn't about him being a dad, but he stepped up a million times for Ben.
  4. I love his relationship with Monica.
    Their parents constantly pitted them against each other but it made them stronger friends, not strangers or enemies.
  5. He takes a chance on dating.
    He's been hurt(and divorced!) a lot and keeps trying. He doesn't discount women out of hand.
  6. He believes in love.
    This makes him ridiculous and kind of a tragic hero, but also kind of endearing I think.
  7. Also I think Monica is the best friend. She is the glue. So shoot me.