I was looking through all the old boxes of photos today to find a picture of my Opus shirt for @nikkilounoel
  1. No Luck, but I did find lots of fun things for later...and this:
  2. ???
  3. Ok, makes sense. My adorable firstborn son on a pony.
  4. Same pony, same day. Now cute sister gets a turn.
  5. And this????
    This usually isn't the kind of photo a Polaroid is for.
  6. Ok this is not a baby of mine nor is it any baby I recognize. These photos were all polaroids in the same envelope and my youngest was a year old by then. (Sorry about the pony ride, buddy.)
  7. So who is this baby?
  8. I asked mom but she has no clue.
  9. Also these photos don't seem like they go together????
  10. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯