I remember childhood summers as an awesome time to sleep late, go swimming, take vacations and eat ice cream. Summer then also weren't unbearably hot and humid either. Adult summers are something else entirely.
  1. My hair
    Even with a Brazilian Blowout, my hair is beyond my control at least 80% of the time.
  2. My sweaty face
    Please don't try to convince me that it's a glow. I'm sweaty.
  3. The subway
    Imagine going to hot yoga dressed in work clothes with freshly styled hair. That's how most days of my summer commute begin, leading to disappointment.
  4. Dating
    Trying to make it work with the aforementioned hair and face, plus the possibility of having to parade around in a bathing suit with said love interest. I'm all for body positivity but sometimes I misplace mine.
  5. Mandals
    Most men don't have the feet to pull of sandals. Sorry dudes.
  6. Work outings
    During my first year with my present employer, the work summer outing was to a WATER PARK. I was skinnier then but NO. I wouldn't walk in my underwear around these people so why would I strip down to a bathing suit in front of the entire IT department?
  7. Chafing
    What thigh gap?
  8. The lack of snow
    Yes, I'm a weirdo who enjoys winter.
  9. The shoe options
    Sandals are fun for a few weeks but I'll choose boots over sandals any day.
  10. People wearing flip flops during the work day.
    Don't do this. I don't want to hear you flipping and flopping down the hall each day.
  11. No NBA games to watch
    Free agency is fun though.
  12. Did I mention my hair?