Here for a relaxing-ish weekend with a great friend
  1. Woken up
    Comfy guest room bed, windows on two sides of the room, woodsy view, ceiling fan & my own bathroom. I have zero complaints.
  2. Helped my friend unpack book boxes
    She inherited the library of a beloved relative. The breadth and quality of the books made me feel like an undereducated fool who spends too much time on social media.
  3. Gone for coffee
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    OK and a cinnamon twist pastry that hit the spot
  4. Massage
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    Thank you Cranwell Spa
  5. Had brunch next to Jesse Eisenberg
    He was there with his family and they seemed to have a nice, normal time. I didn't stare, honest, even though it pained me not to tell him how excited I am about American Ultra.
  6. Shopped at the outlets
    We went because I forgot to pack a small purse for evening outings and have been lugging around a giant tote. Naturally I bought two bags and two pairs of sunglasses (Cole Haan, huge discounts), two necklaces and a pair of earrings (Banana Republic 70% off)
  7. Gone back to the house and put my pajamas back on
    It's drizzling. Perfect nap weather. Or list making weather if you prefer.
  8. Thought about blog topics
    I have two blogs, both of which need some posts that are not about my sweet dad's recent death. Now accepting suggestions.