He flew in to see me. It was either going to be wonderful or terrible.
  1. How am I going to entertain him for three days and two nights? I don't like hosting!
    Oops make that three because snowmageddon caused his flight to be canceled
  2. He really does look like Rupert Friend mixed with Neil Patrick Harris
    One of my friends calls him NPQ
  3. How do I get Mr Dog Lover to visit the neighborhood rescue kittens?
  4. Why didn't he pack snow boots?
  5. Why does he smell so good?
  6. Was he this good a kisser in high school?
  7. Why did I not take him more seriously in high school??
    This guy is great. Smart, kind, sweet. Likes a lot of things I do. Has traits that remind me of Dad.
  8. How will I feel about him if he doesn't like Mr Robot?
    Never mind. He loved it.
  9. Can I live with our political differences?
    Seriously this guy is otherwise wonderful. But we disagree about entitlements. Crap.
  10. I really should have tried Whole 30 or at least used my gym membership
    He's super fit but only works out twice weekly? I hate men. But he seems to be into my figure so...hm. Interesting.
  11. How did we go all of those years without talking?
    It was at least ten. Wild.
  12. How long can I go without washing the pillow he slept on without being gross?
    I mean, it smells that good
  13. How am I going to get through the next two weeks?
    Until I see him again
  14. Is this for real?
    I'll have to let you know.