I wish I could just get a cold like a normal person. But no. Every cold leads to bronchitis. I have watched a lot of tv this Christmas season.
  1. Law & Order
  2. Law & Order SVU
  3. Law & Order CI
    Under appreciated IMO
  4. The Fall
    Both seasons, very quickly. Terrific creepy show.
  5. House MD
    My mom gets the channel that runs House marathons. Alas I do not. Love me some Hugh Laurie.
  6. Pride & Prejudice
    Keira Knightly version. I never turn it off when I see it in the listings.
  7. Narcos
    But only briefly because I was too lazy to turn my Spanish brain on or to grab glasses to read subtitles.
  8. Homeland
    Repeats of the recent season. I'm crushed at the idea that Quinn may be gone. This is based on Rupert Friend's announced commitments not Homeland content.
  9. The Good Wife
    No idea how I slept on that show. It's amazing. I wish more episodes were available on demand. Amazon Prime is hard to Chromecast from my phone.
  10. More Law & Order
    There's always more.