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  1. Folding a fitted sheet
    (finally after all these years!)
  2. And realizing you need more than one pair of sheets for a fully functioning bed
  3. Business cards
    (it took my office over a year to get those printed)
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make sure roommate is home in case of train delays
  1. Same place every tome
    (just like Miranda!)
  2. Two entrees
    (at least one that comes with rice)
  3. Egg roll
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I can't believe it's only Tuesday
  1. It's already 6:30??!
    (No it's actually 3 something am)
  2. Ugh seriously how is it already 6:30??!
    (No it's actually just your robot roommate up at 5:45 making toast/oatmeal)
  3. OMG it's already 7??!
    (WHY haven't I had caffeine yet??!)
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It's probably time to go grocery shopping...
  1. Two sticks of butter
  2. 1/3 gallon Horizon Organic Whole milk with vitamin D
    (For use when foaming milk for cafe au laits only)
  3. Three Brooklyn Summer Ales
    (I drank the other three yesterday)
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