1. We have to stop cannibalizing our own folks.
  2. Stop faulting people for voting for Trump's less offensive and at least reasonably qualified appointees. Let's save our outrage and our work for the truly unqualified and egregious.
    Looking at you Shaun King and The Village Voice
  3. Stop faulting people for voting for non-binding amendments to non-binding resolutions.
  4. Stop bitching about Hillary being in the pocket of Wall Street.
    It's over. That election is done. Let's move on.
  5. Stop spending your energy tearing down people who are on your side.
  6. We have bigger battles to fight and important work to do in the next 2-4 years.
  7. Let's try and work together, shall we?
  8. Update: stop pretending a quote about a fascism forever club on a high school yearbook was serious. It was clearly a joke, albeit one in poor taste. We, in turn, can make jokes about it, but let's not act like that's a serious impediment to confirmation. Doing so makes us look like the hysterical liberals they make fun of.
    There are real issues here - Gorsuch's views on corporations, discrimination under the guise of religion, and bodily autonomy are cause for serious concern. Let's not get distracted by fake issues.