Favorite flowers 🌺 🌻🥀🌷💐

I love flowers. If the only gifts I ever got from now on were flowers, I'd be the happiest person ever. Here are some of my faves.
  1. Peonies
    My all time favorite. I love the white ones the very best. And they're only available for like two weeks in May where I live, so I enjoy them to the fullest when they're in season!
  2. Hydrangeas
    Again, the white ones are my very favorite. Fun fact: did you know the pink and blue ones change colors based on how acidic/basic the soil is?
  3. Ranunculus (I don't know what the plural is here - ranunculuses? Ranunculi?)
    I love that they look like little balls of tightly wrapped tissue paper.
  4. Dahlias
    I love that they look like fluffy lions 🦁
  5. Craspedia/yellow billy balls
    I got these at Whole Foods to go in a centerpiece once, and I've never seen them again. I had to look up the name, but aren't they cool? They make a great accent piece in a bouquet or arrangement.
  6. Calla Lillies
    I like the mini callas, especially
  7. Green Dianthus
    These are just so weird, but I love them.
  8. Sunflowers
    In the summer, these are like pure happiness.