This is a monthly live list to help me remember and focus on the good things.
  1. February 2nd: Cleared up some confusion on my graduate school acceptance at the University of South Carolina.
    There had been some confusion on whether I had been admitted to the MA or PhD program (I applied to the MA, but the letter referenced PhD). Got confirmation it was just a typo, so the funding would stand for the MA. Great news, and right now South Carolina is at the top of my list. So excited about going back to school in the fall!
  2. February 3rd: Treated myself to a waffle and a latte for lunch! 🙌☕️
    Best part about being an adult - I can have an impractical lunch if I want to.
  3. February 5th: got my phone's display fixed! 📱
    The frontward facing camera was all blurry, so they replaced the display. And it was still under warranty, so no charge. Here's a selfie to celebrate
  4. February 5th: Got to sit outside and drink a latte and read my book. ☀️📚☕️
  5. February 7th: Had dinner and drinks with my friend Patterson.🍹🍽
    I hadn't seen her since Christmas, so it was great to catch up.
  6. February 7th: Talked to my grandmother, and she sounded great!
  7. February 8th: Added my senators' numbers to my phone. Should make it a little easier to call and give me some accountability. 📱
  8. February 9th: Restraining Order of the Trump immigration order upheld 3-0 🙌
  9. February 10th: Got to see my nephew play a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz. He was 👌 💯
    There were no cameras allowed. I am usually such a rule follower. But how cute is he? He was the coroner who declared the wicked witch dead 😊
  10. February 11th: Participated in the HKonJ Moral March in Raleigh lead by the NC NAACP. Got to hear Rev. Dr. William Barber speak. He is wonderful and such an inspiring speaker. ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿
  11. February 12th: Had breakfast with my mom and sat outside in the lovely 75 degrees weather 😊☀️☕️
  12. February 17th: filed my taxes, and since I choose to use the federal government like a savings account, I'm getting a refund. 💵
  13. February 19th: Spent the day in Boone with my parents and my sister.
    We had breakfast, hiked, had lunch, hung out with my sisters' animals, and rebuilt her chicken coop. To be totally honest, my contributions involved cutting a little wire and taking pictures of the process, but I maintain that was valuable 😜
  14. February 20th: Had a wonderful day off.
    Hung out at Foster's market with coffee and a book, watched some West Wing and took my dog on a walk around the lake. It was 👌💯.
  15. February 25th: Spent the day with my mama and it was fab ❤
  16. February 28th: celebrated Mardi Gras with friends, and it was lovely! 🎉
    King Cake!