Thanks @Boogie and @amieshmamie for organizing this fun list exchange! This is a few hours early, but I was just too pumped to hang onto it for official Galentine's Day. @marykathryn, I was so excited to get you and I hope you like this list ❤
  1. The best part about getting you is that we have pre-list history (albeit, a one-sided history 😜)
  2. I realized it when I read this awesome list: 🌸🌷🌹Highlights From My Former Life as a Hipster Florist🌸🌷🌹. I had read and loved your columns on Design Sponge when was just a twinkle in BJ Novak's eye.
    Note to everyone else: If you aren't following Mary Kathryn, go do that now, then read the above list, then go read her Wild Love series in Design Sponge. We'll wait.
  3. I love reading all your lists.
  4. You give us great, practical advice, and I particularly loved this: How to Lobby Your State Government as a Citizen
  5. You help us plan travel destinations: Museums That Are Also Gardens
  6. You share your story, you inspire us and let us know we're not alone: I Spoke Up Like This
  7. You gave us a definitive ranking of MKs (MK's, Ranked), but we all know you're the #1!
  8. Happy Galentine's Day! Sending you all the love from North Carolina to Texas! ❤❤❤