This is just sort of my jumbled and rambling thoughts.
  1. I'm thinking about Paris.
    And the horror Parisians must feel after these attacks. Coordinated attacks on areas of the city where people feel happiest and safest is insidious.
  2. I added the French flag photo filter to my Facebook profile photo.
    Yes, this does nothing of substance, but I think widespread solidarity means something to people. I think it's comforting.
  3. I'm frightened by what this will mean to the thousands of refugees who have made their way to Europe and the thousands more that are still trying.
    We've already seen this tragedy begin to be hijacked by those that would use it to justify their racism and xenophobia.
  4. I recognize the dissonance in the world's reaction to the attacks in Paris and the similar attacks only days, even hours earlier in Baghdad and Beirut.
    I'd like to say that the reason has more to do with the shocking nature of the attacks in Paris when compared with the more recent histories of war and violence in Lebanon and Iraq, but if I'm honest, I must admit it likely has more to do with whiteness and western hegemony. Despite the fact that I keep up with the news, I didn't even hear about the attacks in Baghdad and Beirut until after the attacks in Paris, and only then because others were demonstrating the very different reactions.
  5. It hurts that any time there is a tragedy, though, we act as if we must rank them, when in reality, we can feel things and think about multiple situations at once. It doesn't have to be a one or the other.
  6. I'm sending out thoughts of peace and love to the people of Baghdad, Beirut and Paris. ❤️🇮🇶🇱🇧🇫🇷