1. The worst thing about this update isn't the relisting being gone.
  2. It's the algorithm.
  3. Thanks, but no thanks, li.st. I don't need my content curated.
  4. I am seeing the same lists over and over, and I'm sure I'm missing lists.
  5. And when it inserts lists into my feed that people have liked or commented on, it's most likely from the bigwigs (e.g. BJ Novak), not people I care more about, frankly.
  6. I'm not one to normally complain about updates. I've been annoyed at every update, but I've gotten over it.
  7. But this fundamentally changes the way I use this app and the way I interact with other users.
  8. It was an equal playing field, and now it feels like it's heavily weighted to celebrities and mega-users.
  9. I follow who I want to follow. I don't need an algorithm to decide for me what I see.
  10. Jokes aside, I feel like this update is going to make me less likely to use it.
  11. Don't care if it's thirsty or desperate, I'm tagging the powers that be: @dev @bjnovak @Nicholas @jeremysomething