Jobs I could have had in another life

  1. Investigative Journalist
    Two of my all time favorite movies are All the President's Men and Spotlight. I love the stories of journalists going up against powerful forces and exposing the truth. Also, I'm super nosy.
  2. Instagram curator for West Elm
    Styling pretty furniture accented by good looking food and cute pets 👌
  3. CIA Analyst
    Again, the nosiness is key here. I'm good at ferreting out secrets. Plus, a tiny part of me always wanted to be Sydney Bristow.
  4. Foreign Service Officer
    My undergraduate major was in International Studies with a focus in international politics and sub-Saharan Africa. I think I could have had a career in the foreign service if I'd gone another way.
  5. Interior Designer
    I've always liked design and actually flirted with the idea of this career for a while.
  6. Proprietor of a small bookstore/bakery/coffee shop
    This goes along with the fantasy I have of living in a small beach town. I'd bake muffins and pies and cakes and have regulars I see weekly.