1. 😒
    Side eye. Most recently used when texting my sister that I tried to call her but couldn't leave a message, because she won't clean out her freaking voicemail.
  2. 🙄
    Eye roll. Usage increased exponentially as the election draws closer. Along with 😡😫😷
  3. 👯
    Twins! Used to describe my feeling of friendship and fun. Also used when I'm trying to portray myself as whimsical and carefree.
  4. 💯
    Used to show my approval of something. Often used in conjunction with "A+" which I wish existed in emoji form.
  5. ❤️
    Love. I've never been a big user of the other colors. I like a good old traditional red. Most often used three times in a row.
  6. 👊
    Show of support. I got you. Or you can do this.
  7. 💁
    I'm cute and sassy and pleased with myself. P.S. the new iOS 10 suggested this emoji as a replacement for sassy. Love.
  8. 😜
    I am happy and amused. Or proud of myself for the amusing thing I just said.
  9. 👸
    Queen. I am calling someone else a queen or more narcissistically suggesting I am one.
  10. 🐶
    Used as a stand in for my dog, Moe.
  11. 🙊
    I'm so excited I can't even talk.
  12. 🍑
    Is this a peach or a butt masquerading as a peach? Either way, I like it.
  13. 🎊🎉👏
    Always used together. I am excited/happy/proud.
  14. 🔮
    I'm mysterious and mystical.