Pardon the whiny list. It's been one of those days.
  1. I'm worried Donald Trump will end up withdrawing from the race and Mike Pence will take his spot.
    I really don't think Trump can win. I think it's possible Pence can, even with the confusion that would arise.
  2. Parts of the math section of the GRE are utterly confounding to me.
    I'll read the explanation 3 or 4 times, and I'll still have no idea what it's saying. Plus I 100% forgot that factorials (e.g. 12!) existed until today.
  3. I'm concerned my grandmother's memory is deteriorating.
    I've talked to her twice this week and I'm both conversations, there were moments where I'm not sure she remembered key parts of our previous conversation.
  4. I'm worried about flooding in my area.
    Hurricane Matthew is announcing its arrival. I wasn't really concerned, but the rain has gotten pretty intense, and a lot of local stores are closing early. And there are sporadic power outages.
  5. I'm going to drink wine and watch Zootopia now. I can't anymore with today.