1. Those 15 seconds when my coffee is the perfect temperature
    A brief but glorious moment in time.
  2. The Christmas cups at Starbucks
    I know. How pedestrian! How capitalist!
  3. Pumpkin anything
    I love them. They're round, sturdy and versatile. They're me in vegetable form.
  4. My stepdad's texts
    He's a rare texter, but when he does, my, are they gems.
  5. The Mindy Project season 3 gag reel
    I mean, the show itself is fabulous, but there's something particularly special about those 17 minutes featuring a giggling Chris Messina.
  6. Frou-frou cocktails
    The girlier, the better. Especially the fizzy ones.
  7. The talking noise my dog makes when I won't get out of bed fast enough.
  8. My mother's hysterics when she laughs at her own jokes.
    Seriously. Nothing makes her laugh harder. Bonus: when she can't even get the joke out, because she's so excited about how funny it's going to be.