1. It's freeing.
    I know all of two people on this app in real life. There's something really refreshing about getting to be sort of semi-anonymous. I can talk about things I wouldn't or couldn't talk about in other venues.
  2. It lets you connect with strangers in cool and meaningful ways.
    On any other social media platform, commenting on total strangers' posts is seen as unusual at best, weird and stalkery at worst. But here, that's encouraged and celebrated. It's such a wonderful feeling to recognize yourself or see connections with people you don't know. To be able to say "I get this" or "I really feel this" or "I understand."
  3. It's overwhelmingly positive.
    People here don't write mean things or leave nasty remarks. Troll-free zone here. At least in my experience.
  4. It's fun.
    The ways to list are endless. It's for cataloging, storytelling, sharing. For type A people like me, this is the best thing ever.
  5. It's kind.
    Sometimes you post a silly list, and people like it or write funny comments. Sometimes you write something sad or vulnerable and people respond with support and understanding. Because people genuinely want to be kind to one another, and this gives them a chance.