1. What do wizards and witches do for their first 11 years of life before they begin school?
    JK Rowling has answered this by saying, "they can attend a Muggle primary school or be taught at home." But it seems so unlikely to me that every family can afford a stay at home parent. And, I don't believe magical families would send their children to muggle primary schools (how could you trust the children to keep the secret of their world?)
  2. Are any of the Hogwarts professors married?
    I don't recall a mention of any spouses.
  3. When Lily and James became parents at 20, was that young to have a child?
    I was shocked to learn that they died at age 21 in Deathly Hallows.
  4. Is child birth just as painful for witches? Does it still need to happen in a hospital?
  6. Was the war against Voldemort a specifically British war?
  7. Wait, if James and Lily died at 21 how is it that all four of Harry's grandparents are dead? How did they all die?
  8. How long did it take for Hermione's parents to get on board with the whole "we're sending our child to a magical world we cannot be a part of?"
    I'm sure they were skeptical of her Hogwarts letter
  9. Did Hermione ever use the time turner for a personal thing before Buckbeak/Sirius?
  10. Felix Felicis- why is it not more common?