I have watched my Dad run his business since I was a kid. I watched how he conducted his business in and out of the business he has owned since I was born or even before I was born. He probably thinks I never paid any attention to him, but I did. I listened to his conversations and watched how he handled conflicts. He has only fired one person.
  1. Get your facts straight before pointing your finger at just one person.
    Get both sides of the story, before you just automatically start blaming them. Especially if they're a user of your product. They can hit delete just like they hit 'Get App' in the App Store or just quit walking through your door.
  2. Always appreciate the users/clients you do have and do trust.
    If you start blaming them for something that they didn't even do they can quit promoting your business or product like they were once doing, they will begin to tell people not to go there or use your product.
  3. You're the face behind your product or name you have worked so hard building.
    If they begin not to love the business, your service or your product they begin not to like you.