Note to self - add these to your @foursquare list.
  1. The Old Cut at Subway
    Not exactly a secret menu item, but a different way to slice your sandwich. Ask for the "old cut," which holds all the fillings better because *the bread is dug out from the top* as opposed to being sliced open at the side.
  2. Creamy Minestrone at Olive Garden
    This secret menu item mixes *Olive Garden's cheesy potato soup with its classic minestrone* for a warm, satisfying meal. Goes great with the 10,000 breadsticks you will undoubtedly eat.
  3. The 10:35 at McDonald's
    Before "All Day Breakfast" became a thing, 10:35am was the time McDonald's switched over from their breakfast menu to their lunch menu. You can still get the best of both worlds by *ordering an Egg McMuffin and stuffing it inside a McDouble or Big Mac.
  4. The Banana Split Blizzard at Dairy Queen
    Make a Split Blizzard with *vanilla ice cream, strawberry and pineapple topping, whipped cream and a chopped-up banana* swirled together.
  5. Grilled Lobster at Red Lobster
    Ask the chef to brush some butter on the lobster tail and get it grilled instead.
  6. The Land, Sea and Air Burger at McDonald's
    For those times when "surf and turf" just isn't enough, there's this massive sammy, *which combines a Filet-O-Fish and a McChicken stuffed inside a Big Mac.* Total calories: 1,290.
  7. The Superman Burrito at Taco Bell
    Add extra potatoes, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and crispy red tortilla strips.