Time to get on the intro bandwagon
  1. I'm Jennifer. Never Jenny. Occasionally Jen.
    My youngest sister calls me Jent because when she was little she said my name as Jentifer.
  2. Been married for 13 years and known him for almost 19 years.
    Andy. He's a character.
  3. We have a beagle named Buckley. After the dog in The Royal Tennenbaums. He's 11. And ridiculous.
    I like him best when he is sleeping.
  4. My biggest pet peeve is the misuse of the apostrophe s.
    It hurts me. It's not that difficult.
  5. I'm not terribly tall but I have really long, skinny fingers and toes.
    And my complexion could be described as translucent.
  6. I think my sisters and I probably invented selfies.
    Ten years ago. With digital cameras. We got pretty good at it.
  7. I am a nerd about a lot of things. Harry Potter, books in general, crafts, baseball. Hamilton is my current obsession.
    Not to mention that I watch too much tv.
  8. I love baseball. Andy and I got married on March 1 so we could go to spring training games in Florida for our honeymoon.
    We're trying to get to lots of different stadiums.
  9. I've never been out of the United States. I like traveling. But I also like sitting on my couch.
  10. Most of our travel lately has been related to running. My husband is a pretty good runner, so races are a fun excuse to travel. Most recently, he ran the Boston Marathon.
  11. I have a black thumb and no ability to tend to plants.
    I've killed a cactus or two in my life.
  12. It's almost 8:00. So I'm going to go read for awhile and then go to sleep. By 9:30. Because I am cool like that.
    Eight hours of sleep for the win.