Our Trivia Team Names

We've been going to trivia a lot this summer. I spend way too much time trying to come up with funny team names. And sometimes they're actually funny.
  1. Threat Level Noon
    For The Office Theme Night. We were trying to convey that we're not terribly threatening. And we did terrible that night.
  2. Annyong
    Arrested Development Trivia! I think the host started to hate us because we shouted out 'Annyong' every time he said our name.
  3. We're Just Here For the Funnel Fries
    Delicious Funnel Fries.
  4. We've been Wine-ing All Day
    It was National Wine Day or something.
  5. Ron Swanson's Pyramid of Greatness
    Always useful to call on the greatness of Ron Swanson during trivia.
  6. Charty?
    No one got this, which made it even better. Boy bands was a category. Apparently people don't remember the What's My Name sketch with Justin Timberlake on SNL.
  7. Columbo is the Capital of Sri Lanka
    Fictional Detectives was a category. There's a boring story that goes along with this...
  8. Deja Vu All Over Again
    Baseball Hall of Famers was one of the categories, so a nod to Yogi Berra.
  9. Cee Lo Bean
    There were a lot of references to Cee Lo Green the week before - including us guessing Cee Lo Bean as a name of the sculpture commonly known as The Bean in Chicago. We were pretty proud of that answer. So it had to be our team name the next week. Best part - none of the teams were there the week before, so no one got it. I love that.
  10. Milk Steak and a Side of Jellybeans
    Not feeling terribly creative tonight. But we love Charlie.
  11. Even Worse
    Weird Al songs as a category. We should have gone with White and Nerdy.