We finally saw Hamilton!

  1. We've had these tickets since July. It's been a long wait.
  2. Hello!
  3. Our seats in the room where it happened. Balcony, cause we are cheap. But it was a great vantage point.
  4. Mandatory pre-show selfie with my sisters. Hi @jamie0415!
  5. So, the show itself. Wayne Brady was pretty great as Burr. (I had been worried when he was initially cast.) Miguel Cervantes was really good as A.Ham.
  6. Washington was an understudy and hoo, boy, was he fantastic. So freaking good. Carl Clemons-Hopkins. I gotta remember that name.
  7. Lafayette/Jefferson was also an understudy and also great. His T.Jeff dance moves (and A.Ham's imitation of them) made me laugh.
  8. Peggy was sassy af. Shit, I am way too old to say that.
  9. Hercules Mulligan may have been my favorite.
  10. But King George...ahhh, such great comic relief!
  11. The Room Where It Happens was everything I had hoped for.
  12. There's so much going on a lot of the time. The company is so fun to watch. I loved the drunk guys at the wedding.
  13. Angelica. Holy hell, was Karen Olivo fantastic.
  14. There was even an improv portion after the show as a fundraiser for Broadway Cares. A nice, lighthearted way to end the evening.
  15. Obligatory post-show selfie.
  16. Also of note: a fabulous cab ride after the show. And the wine. It was really good.