1. Is he dating that girl in the picture? Is he poly? Are they looking for a 3rd? I'm not ready.
    I can barely handle 1-on-1 sexual interaction
  2. Was that * change from "I" to "We" an attempt to include me and create common ground in experience? Or is that his preferred pronoun? Should I ask?
  3. He's a year younger than me. Oh no. Will I understand anything he says?
  4. He's using "lol" even though my profile specifically says that bugs me. Is he a bad listener (reader) or trying to mess with me?
  5. Oh god, an unsolicited picture. Please don't be a dick pic. Please don't be a dick pic. Please don't be a dick pic.
  6. It's not a dick pic. But it's a random selfie? Why did he leave his name tag on? Is he suicidal? Is he trolling these sites to find someone to eat him?
  7. I can't handle human interaction on any level rn tbqh. Where are my dogs?