I know... Gag
  1. We need to have a convo about this 2005 emo music. It reminds me of high school; and not in a good way. I refuse to work out to "3 Days Grace." Get it together
  2. I am terrified of this. I do not want a Natasha Richardson situation. And the weight of my entire body cascading on my head is going to be entirely too much. And it WILL HAPPEN
  3. Can you "trust fall" me into position?
  4. Donuts are the new cupcake. I'm very up on pastry news... Clearly
  5. I am feeling frustrated right now. It's not working. And I was on the 5th grade jump rope team.
    This was a lie. I tried out. And didn't make it. I lied about this.
  6. It's like learning a new language. What's wrong with you people?
  7. The number of fans you have for a South Carolina gym with no A/C is criminal
  8. The owner is a little strange isn't he?
  9. My body is physically averse and possibly incapable of running
  10. Show me
  11. Goodbye. Thanks.
    Every day because I want his face to be the last thing I see before I collapse in the parking lot
  12. Oh I didn't throw up in the bathroom just now. I splashed cold water on my face. But the vomit is coming.
    Making moves