All obviously 💯% factual and based in reality. OBVIOUSLY.
  1. Bethenny Frankel
    I aim to be her on every level. She is hysterical, whip-smart, always in the know, an amazing business woman, and a survivor and thriver of a bad childhood. We bond over obscure analogies and judging people and expressing it with our razor tongues. Plus she brings amazing booze to our sleepovers. BFFFFF
  2. Aidy Bryant
    My SNL soulmate. I love her for her irreverence, dedication to the joke, ability to make fun of herself, incredible sense of style, and AMAZINGLY positive attitude. Her bangs are my bangs are our bangs too. She makes me snort milk through my nose at our weekly lunches. Also @aidybryant I pray you see this because I actually want to be your BFF.
  3. Taylor Swift
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    We bonded over fuckboys and it turned into an adult, life-long thing of beauty. We grew into our feminism together and can lip synch with hip/butt movements with the best of them. I taught her how to properly apply red lipstick. It's documented. She keeps me up to date with crafting and Pinterest on wine night, since I hate personally doing both of those things.
  4. Andy Cohen
    He has brought me 80% of the shows I have loved in the last decade. His books brought me the right amount of insider dish and light-hearted entertainment. We get drinks after each Watch What Happens Recording and prank call Sarah Jessica Parker or Anderson Cooper.
  5. Scout Willis
    Born a couple months apart, with her mothers iconic naked Vanity Fair cover in month 8 effectively ruining my mother's pregnancy, we were constantly compared. I was *ACTUALLY* almost named Scout (I'm still convinced my mom read Demi was considering it, completely separate from To Kill a Mockingbird). I thank her for being born first and making that impossible. We love to Tumble about the "Free the Nipple" project and our shared life timeline.
  6. Mindy Kaling
    She was the first girl I remember seeing on TV, being unapologetically as funny as the guys, and often more funny than them. And that was on the best show on TV. We love to compete for who can talk faster and talk nail art in our whole-day gchats at our desk. @mindy I need more of your content in an IV. Also be my BFF?
  7. Ronan Farrow
    We are going to be best friends turned lovers. He's the Chandler to my Monica. Beautiful, anti-Woody Allen, informed, passionate, political, anti-Woody Allen. We share furtive glances across our espressos at our weekly coffee dates. Why can't we admit our feelings? It's a will-they-won't-they for the ages!
  8. Rachel McAdams
    I've been by her for every movie. I don't miss a second. I even supported her through that Canadian soap opera. Because she is the sweetest. She may appear "Unlucky in Love," but that is a moniker devised by tabloids to drive starlets to drink. Not my girl. She is the first one to text me on my birthday every year and taught me how to giggle and look down like an ingenue.
  9. Paula Abdul
    My mess friend. I just want her to be healthy and fabulous again. We met (breaking 4th wall) for real at a chance encounter at the Versace store on Rodeo Dr. 7 years ago. She hugged me too many times and was pretty wasted. We bond over her 80's classics as we rewatch her Rupaul's Drag Race appearances.
  10. Shonda Rhimes
    We fall in love every time she writes my new favorite show. We had a bit of a rough patch when she wrote a show about law school that I absolutely refused to consider watching because I do it all day and HOW DARE YOU? But mutual love for Kerry Washington mended fences. Plus her casting process and Twitter are impossible to not be best friends with.
  11. Jon Krakauer
    He writes things that are overwhelmingly important. We connected when I wrote my 30 page paper on Mormonism that relied insanely heavily on his "Under the Banner of Heaven." My teacher thought I was Mormon because I had chosen that topic... Boy was he surprised when he read my paper. Jon and I laughed and laughed at that during our book club and wine tasting last Wednesday. Currently taking suggestions for his next investigative book. I'll text him.