1. CMC Hospital
    My mom's prognosis is the best it could be and she is such a healthy bitch she got in a clinical trial. She is going to be the best, healthiest, hottest lady with cancer ever
  2. The law firm I'm working for
    They've started to recognize that I require praise and are delivering. I get to get emotionally invested and write scathing memos. Family law here I come. Also I want a job offer SO BAD
  3. Publix
    I poop there every morning because I drink my morning coffee in traffic and routinely arrive 20-30 minutes early. Plus it is so clean and organized. And their prepared food absolutely kills it.
  4. Freeman Car Stereo
    "I am going to tell you up front that I am extremely frustrated." It's my like 7th revisit to the store since getting my AUX cord added and they finally explained my system. Ladies can actually understand technology y'all! But they refunded my $20 for the cord that broke in 2 weeks and gave me a free replacement... It probably helps that they frequently work with my former employer and Dad. KEEP. ME. HAPPY. they did it.
  5. My new Crossfit gym
    Did not enjoy the middle aged white dude in a 1997 Toyota Celica following me to my car to tell me "don't give up" and "talk to Becky about nutrition." But now I can talk to my mother about the stuff she loves and she is going to be my Saturday partner. Plus weight loss
  6. Bose
    I have had 5 sets of expensive headphones stolen from me but I can't find a better pair for my "small ear canals." Currently researching but I'm sure I will buy again to my detriment
  7. Groupon
    The inanely "cheap" "Swarovaski" earrings were way too small for my ears and face. I wasn't out that much though
  8. Time Warner Cable
    I pretended to be my mother both times. The first time j got the cable box in my room fixed and bragged about my "daughter in law school" and asked for a refund because "my husband asked me." The second time I was so done and got the fight totally refunded because they tried to charge my stepdad $100 each for both "Mayweather" and "Pacquiao" and that's $200 and TOOOO SHADY
  9. The gas station by my house
    I work in a state that sells gas for $2.23, so of course I procrastinate and have to get gas at the LAST POSSIBLE GODDAMN SECOND for $2.59 by my house. Plus the scratcher I bought for my mother in celebration didn't bring in one red cent
  10. DSW Shoe Warehouse
    They marked shoes "W" that were not wide and I had the most excruciating day in plastic shoes because I was pressured into violating my principles and buying Crocs. They best return them
  11. American Eagle
    Thy had a deceptive 50% off sign on the pants I wanted. And then it turned out to BOGO, not 50% for the OTHER pants. Organize your store better and stand by your mistakes Eages
  12. Comcast
    I tried to cancel cable because Netflix and the TV Land app streaming "Younger" is enough... Plus I'm not living in Virginia for 3 months. No answer and no help. And no way to return the hardware even if I did fight my way through the phone lines
  13. FedEx
    Permanent bottom spot for the rest of my life for delivering my package of forgotten house keys, car keys, office keys, and drivers license to the WRONG. HARRINGTON. And then making me Nancy Drew it. And have an anxiety attack that they knew my father. And beg their son to get it for me because they were out of town. And pick it up. And thank them with a Starbucks gift and a card. And then not refunding my mother's overnight delivery fee. 3 years ago. But. Permanent. Bottom. Spot.