*this includes sensitive personal info. So trust it.
  1. Clue: Tracks your period. Warns you about PMS. Invaluable and insanely helpful.
  2. Buy Up: Tells you how female and "minority" (¿that's not even the right word is it? Because white people are basically the minority?) friendly a company is so you know who to patronize
  3. Audible: Keep your interests varied and yourself informed. Make commutes better and share with friends. But take advantage of sales for sure RIP Harris Whittles
  5. Lifetime Movie Club: self explanatory
  6. Waze: A solid GPS app that tells you WHERE COPS ARE WITH A LOUD ROBOT VOICE. I use it literally every morning. We live in the future and God-bless crowd sourcing.
  7. Wikipanion: Carry on conversations in the most informed and annoying ways
  9. News-Flash: Funny or Die's news app that summarizes the day with "jokes" for simple and enjoyable consumption.
  10. Bravo Now: Okay this one may be a personal favorite but housewives are crucial
  11. Podcasts: Just listen to all the podcasts. I try.
  12. Sharkie: Delete your screenshots. Erase the evidence
  13. Around Me: Who knows when the urge for Taco Bell will hit? Or where?
  14. CC Standup: Lighten things up. And stay current
  15. Find My iPhone: ITS IN YOUR PURSE OR UNDER YOUR PILLOW. But you don't know which one. Make the noise.
  16. Books. Books. All kinds of books.
  17. Postmates: Get all the important stuff delivered because you are a busy lady who doesn't have time to get to Chipotle
  18. ABC Family: "Switched at Birth" is super important.
  19. FanTV: Stay informed in the BEST ways
  20. CowTipping: Not *sure* that you need. When in doubt pretty much tip 20%+ so servers can have a chance at a human wage. I've always heard double the tax? But doubling 10% of anything is like... Not hard?
  21. Do it
  22. Ringtones: Make ring and text-tones of the more feminist Beyoncé songs
  23. Broad City Keyboard: Pretty much the only gifs I use. Best feminist show on TV. Duh.
  24. Keep it real
  25. Heads Up: The MOST fun. And I know from experience it dissolve the most awkward situations
  26. Kickstarter: "How cool of a quirk would it be if I only bought things from Kickstarter?" Support up-and-comers
  27. Trivia Crack: Keep your brain from atrophying. And show off to your friends.
  28. ETA: Obviously a crucial GPS