She says all this in a "meeting" she called on her front porch
  1. She says she's "fine" several times when you ask her if she's okay... And then she tells you she's been angry for weeks
  2. She says you're so negative "you've been pulling me down" emotionally
  3. She says "you're spiraling out of control at school." *With no information.*
  4. She says "you're selfish.. There's no other way to put it... You're selfish"
  5. She says "when you talk about your father [your life trauma], you make EVERYONE uncomfortable"
  6. She says "you don't have your shit together"
  7. She counts the number of Sales classes you've missed and repeats the number back to you as an example of your failure
  8. She says "I only want to surround myself with people who are working for something" *implying that you're not* when dressing you down
  9. She says "I'm not going to let you drag me down." And you say "okay you don't have to be around me" and she gets ANGRY
  10. She says "you're always angry about something"
  11. She says "last time you were this cut off you were depressed" and when you say "if you think I might be depressed do you think this is the right way to handle it?," she ignores your question
  12. She says "you don't try to hang out with me during the weekdays" after all that.
  13. She doesn't appreciate that you stopped people from making fun of her for wearing denim shorts over colored leggings as "winter-wear"
  14. She says Lincoln is a war criminal and has a tiny confederate flag in her apartment