And will always have. UCSD was great. The rest? Gave me some jewels. But they are all so far away!! ADVICE ON MAKING NEW ADULT FRIENDS?? ➕➕➕
  1. Life: My mother - Kendra (a frequent character on all my social media outlets)
  2. Middle school through always: @minirachel - Rachel (My comedy comrade, history sharer, and see-saw partner of talking down from an anxiety attack. I hope she's the little Eddie to my big when we grow old and die together. She's my soul mate)
  3. High school through always: @joakes - Jon (that competition in Mrs. Libby's Honor's English class turned into something beautiful and real. He showed me the beautiful city of Boston, dry-heaved tea in the street with me, and lip-synchs Real Housewives [and thoroughly discusses them with me])
  4. College through always: @ohlauren - Lauren (my forever fig [favorite big *law fraternity*] She MADE college for me, taught me how to be a good feminist, and continues to support me. She's also hysterical and amazingly good at Internet)
  5. College through always (I hope): Saachi - I cried & complained to my mother for a full month when I saw that she would be on the Executive Board of the aforementioned law frat. I got her a bottle of Grey Goose for her birthday and she ended up being one of my most loyal, logical, sweet, caring friends ever. I was wrong and she's all kinds of right.
  6. College through always (I pray) Payslie - Again, I was criminally wrong about her. I advocated for her to not get into the aforementioned aforementioned frat. She got in. And then I opened my *closed* eyes and saw that she was cooler than being cool, laid back, brilliant, insanely nice, and one of my best friends
  7. College through law school: Kelly - Car lot friend. She was a self-proclaimed redneck and talked to me continuously about cheating on her boyfriend with the service guy. I loved her for what she offered me that summer. And she was just plain kind
  8. Law school through hopefully longer: Kaitlyn - She might actually be the nicest human being I have ever met. If someone described her to me I would think she's a joke. She's amazingly empathic, helpful, sweet, caring, and... BLONDE. This beautiful Nordic-blooded North Dakotan is wildly in love with her husband and incredible at being a friend
  9. Hopefully more because the only one within 50+ miles is my mother and I think she's finding me clingy!!