Technology and communication breakdowns. From today. My life can't handle. June 11 must arrive. @joakes save me please
  1. Broke my work computer
    Security updates on Windows do not equal security updates on Macs
  2. Didn't get texted back by the person I wanted a text from
    Communication BREAK. DOWN.
  3. Check engine light came on
    #blessed my dad runs a car dealership and service department. Rental car here I come
  4. Blew a fuse in my car with a dime in the cigarette lighter
    "It's metal and metal. Don't do it. I have to replace it"
  5. Best Buy was out of external numeric keypads
    What do they even HAVE? Also there is 45 minutes of my day
  6. Opposing council tried to improperly serve an amended pleading
    Might try to call me as a witness, claiming I assented to it. When I just said "Okay" to all of his sputtered statements and know NOTHING about South Carolina Civil Procedure. I'm ready to make him pay.
  7. Car radio broke
    Cord fell into the recesses of my dashboard
  8. Car windows don't work
    This just sucks.
  9. My checks didn't process at Bank of America
    Technology fails again. And here I sit, worried about bouncing my rent check...
  10. Landlord didn't get my rent check
    Lost in the mail $60 fee