1. Love Actually
    Granted I was a pretty self-sheltered 8th grader who was offended by every use of the word "fuck" and couldn't get the BEAUTY AND WONDER AND MAJESTY until I was a cool ~**California girl**~ TWO YEARS later
  2. The Princess Bride
    My 8th grade teacher was too cool for her own good. I thought I was above her. I was the worst, if it wasn't made clear earlier
  3. The Godfather
    My stepdad tried REALLY hard to make this good and give me culture. I was just excited we were having spaghetti with meat sauce (this was during the DARK period when my mother was both off carbs AND red meat). I fell asleep an hour in.
  4. Bridget Jones Diary
    Kendra took me to see it on our "4 nights a week" girls night (I was an only child, mature enough to be her friend, and her only friend). I wasn't mature enough for it resonate. And Kendra wasn't mature enough to understand this might be inappropriate for a 9-year-old. We walked out. I cried and bought the soundtrack 9 years later with @minirachel
  5. Mission Impossible
    "Can't we just watch Mission Impossible 2 again?"... Wait. I stand by this.
  6. Star Wars
    In my defense it's now common knowledge to not start with Episode I.