Please add. I need this rn. I'm only done with 1/5 done with my exams...
  1. The Jane Austen Book Club
    The definitive "cheer Jennifer up" movie. Not getting to UC Berkeley; when the boy I shared my romantic feelings with said "I'm proud of you for being so bold;" the end of 2-3 toxic friendships; any bad grade. Watch it
  2. Bride Wars
    All I want to be is K Hud's character
  3. Something Borrowed
    It's my favorite book so this condensed version reminds me of it in a jam. Also it got me out of my abusive high school/college friendship. And the film features a 3rd Eye Blind cover band and you will never meet (in 2015) a bigger 3eb fan than myself. That list is coming down the pike
  4. Sound of Music
    Reminds me of my grandpa. Who is the greatest person who ever walked this earth. I will fight you on this. And then watch "Sound of Music" to deal with the ass kicking because my iPhone says I'm only active 20 minutes a day.
  5. Back to the Future
    💗 time travel as a PTSD coping mechanism
  6. Lost in Austen
    Combines time travel and Jane Austen. Simply the best.
  7. The Five Year Engagement
    It's so fun and it pays off so well. Plus Emily Blunt is my ultimate same-sex crush
  8. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
    There is quite a lot of Kate Hudson on here. Quite appropriately.
  9. The Princess Diaries
    Anne Hathaway is also back! Plus it reminds me of a book. I should read more...
  10. West Side Story
  11. Practical Magic
    Suggested by @ohlauren
  12. The Room
    Suggested by @ohlauren